VIElectron Hosts Walking Tour on St. Croix and Extends Gratitude to Governor Bryan and Team Virgin Islands for the Support

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, March 18, 2024 - VIElectron, a leading renewable energy company  committed to revolutionizing power infrastructure in the Virgin Islands, hosted a guided tour of  the Petronella solar facilities and expressed gratitude to Governor Albert Bryan Jr., and government  leaders for their unwavering support. 

Christian Loranger, Founder, and CEO of VIElectron, emphasized the collaborative efforts during  the recent walking tour on St. Croix. “During the tour, attendees were astounded by the quality and  excitement surrounding our initiatives to reduce power prices in the Virgin Islands.” 

Loranger highlighted the significant progress on St. Croix, noting that projects will be completed  this year, leading to immediate savings for the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA).  “This will save $11 million per year just on St. Croix, demonstrating the tangible impact of our  collective efforts.” 

Expressing gratitude to Governor Bryan and Team Virgin Islands, Loranger underscored their  crucial role in advancing sustainable energy solutions. “Governor Bryan and our government  leaders have been instrumental in supporting our endeavors. Their dedication to a greener, more prosperous and renewable energy future for the Virgin Islands is truly commendable.” Loranger is deeply thankful for the trust placed in VIElectron to spearhead this transformative  project. “As a proud Virgin Islander, I am honored to contribute to the sustainable future of our  community.” 

VIElectron maintains stringent manufacturing and administrative standards. “We are under  oversight from multiple engineering firms, including our internal team and those of our banking  partners. This ensures that our facilities meet or exceed global standards for quality and safety,”  added Loranger. 

About VIElectron 

VIElectron is a pioneering renewable energy company dedicated to revolutionizing the power  landscape in the Virgin Islands. Committed to sustainability and innovation, VIElectron harnesses  solar and battery energy solutions to drive economic growth, environmental stewardship, and  community empowerment. Learn more at